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Mother Teresa once said : "I alone can not change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”… this also summarizes beauty.fully my own personal mission in this lifetime on our nurturing planet - to help and inspire others to find (y)our own content and healthy balance with the support of the ancient art of Yoga.


Finding deep inspiration in the Buddhist teachings, blended with a natural love of traveling through Hindu cultures has definitely shaped my own personal journey and helped to evolve my own unique style of teaching.


​Having always been interested in learning, and ultimately teaching health and well-being to others my life as a student formally started during my world travels in 2010, where in India I complemented my own personal practice of Yoga with

an in-depth teacher training course.


After finding myself settled in New Zealand, I took the opportunity to evolve my studies more thoroughly with a comprehensive 2 year course in Sport Science at the Nelson Poly-tech. This enriched my toolbox with a deeper understanding of such things like human anatomy, psychology and nutrition with a strong focus on injury rehabilitation and prevention.


Throughout these studies and following work in the gym industry I fully realized just how well the ancient techniques of Yoga intertwines with the more modern understanding of health systems within the body & mind. This led me on another journey to the East to further deepen my knowledge of Yoga.


After a month of intensive yoga teaching training in Kerala, India, I returned back to New Zealand and since then I have been fully immersed and evolving through my own personal practice as well as sharing my knowledge with others worldwide....

Karolina Bee

the Passionate Yogini