Kawakawa & Propolis Healing Balm

60g $29


This nourishing Kawakawa & Propolis infused balm comes in handy for basically everything.


Kawakawa, the traditional Maori skin tonic may assist to soothe irritated & itchy skin caused by insect bites, skin rashes, bruises, wounds, burns, aches and pains.

Propolis is beloved for its natural healing capabilities, and is packed with antioxidant properties that can help deeply soothe and smooth damaged skin.

How to use:

Apply directly to the affected area and work balm gently into the skin. For massage, apply a small amount between palms to soften and massage into the skin.

I recommend to patch test before use.


Kawakawa Infused sweet almond oil*



 Grape seed oil*

Vitamin E


* Organic ingredients