Fitness & Nutrition
A journey of a Personal Trainer
I started climbing trees and swinging like a monkey in a very early age.
I ate dirt and weeds on the meadows, picked flowers, bathed in the sunshine all day long.
We played outside from the break of the dawn through to the night.
I was sooo lucky to have supportive parents and awesome friends and to grow up in a place that nurtured my kind soul and adventurous spirit.
The world opened to me and started to explore and seek...
I trotted the globe couple of times and then went back to India to study yoga, to learn from the gurus, I climbed Himalayas to question the Gods and then traveled some more... 
My hungry mind took me back to the Uni where after couple of years of intense study at Polytech
I gained a Diploma in Applied Fitness and Sport Science.
Since then I have been working as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, yoga teacher and a massage therapist.
This path has been very fulfilling!
 It has enabled me to travel, and to continue
to learn,
to meet people,
explore their culture,
their language.
It taught me to live with my mind & heart open....
 It's absolutely amazing and rewarding to be doing something I love and I am great.full to be able to share it with you...

What I offer

Personal Training

Weigh Loss

Muscle Gain

Injury Management


Group Fitness


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