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Updated: Dec 2, 2019

A bit about my passion as thats what I like to share here with you...

Surely we know this, us, humans, are part of this Universe. No big news ay.

We are built from the same matter as plants, animals, rocks.

We all need air...

We all need water...

We all need food...

We all need love...

Combination of these means - Life..

We have been evolving for millions of years and been always living in the synergy with nature. Unfortunately in the past hundred years or so our connection with Mother Earth took a steep decline... Money started ruling the world and controlling peoples minds, ruing lives... It has become epidemic. Big corporations have taken over the world and we have been fooled by media about whats good and whats bad. We have been fed with chemicals - often with no choice.

God bless our medicine, but hey, its getting a bit ridiculous. ADHD, antidepressants, blood pressure, cholesterol medication... Just to name a few... Our market is stocked up to scappers with pills, vitamins, hormones, making billions $$$ each day... Do we really need all these if we live harmonious stress free life in symbiosis with nature?

We have been literally forced to work 24/7, weekends, holidays.. We have been robbing ourselves of the precious time we have here on this planet. We work when we are healthy to pay our bills, mortgage, fancy car, to stock up our fridge and to go on holidays sometimes.

Then we get old and sick and we die, sometimes prematurely... How sad to see this happening more and more often.

I see stressed unhappy people more than ever before... Main reason, too much work or not enough money... How sad..

Where Am I getting with this?

I am that kid, that tells the truth. I am that kid, that fight for our rights... I am that kid, that gets annoyed because of the state of our planet right now and that saddens me deeply.

My life as a kid evolved around nature. Its been engraved in me. I love being out in the forest, on the meadow, up on the hills and feel the life within and around me. It is the most precious time for me. It inspires me, it recharges me, it calms me down, it reminds me that all is good, that all it matters is now and all always works out as supposed to if I let it flow...

I have been admiring and picking plants and learning about them and what they do since I was a kid.

They have become a massive part of my life, they share their love and their power with me, and I translate their gift into the potions and lotions I make for you & myself.

I simply do what I love doing, rich with experience and full of life itself...

Maceration of plants. Magic process that is a symbol of love, beauty and patience.

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