The Ever Evolving Journey

What excites me the most is how much and how little we know about nature.

There is everything we need around us, yet, we decide to want more. This vicious cycle has been the main cause for our suffering.. For the lack of time we have for our family, our friends, for things that fulfil us and make our world happier and joyful place. We willingly choose stress to pure "doing nothing" time . We have become enslaved to this material world destroying everything that stands in our path to gain pleasure and comfort.

As soon as I catch myself going down hill and dwelling in negative thoughts, I escape to the nature - I sit by the river, I lie on a grass, I hug a tree to remind myself of my priorities, of my true joys, of what that makes me truly happy.

For me, its the constant work on my mindset when I wake up in the morning, of the mood I choose to greet the world, of the attitude I let myself being perceived. The work is immense, yet I enjoy the ride and embrace the challenges of every day life... My main focus is on making this world a better place for me and people around me.


My love for outdoors and solitude has showed me the deeper purpose of my life on this planet. It took me on a journey of discovery of all the bounties Mother Nature has created itself for us and all sentient beings.

May this blog be a reflection of my being, my creativity, and my passion..

Lets create life of peace and love in synergy with nature and everything that thrives in it.

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