Why Natural

We have been absolutely bombarded by chemicals in today's world.

Our environment, our air, our food, our water, our clothes, our everything is infested with toxins. Plastic, pesticides, fire retardants, medication, fuel, cleaning products, cosmetics... Everything is influencing our lives immensely.. Our hormonal glands suffer and our bodies crumble... A slow process of destroying of ourselves, and mainly, our planet, we unconsciously going through.

We have been slowly waking up to this fact and changing our ways of live and who we decide to support. Yet, oftentimes we have no choice and fell into the claws of the corporations & media, that feeds us with lies in order to dilute us and so to make more money. How sad.

Thats why I have been so deeply inclining of getting back to nature. I trust it. I listen to the inner voices that are leading me that way. I grow vegetables and medicinal plants, I pick flowers and always try to educate myself, how to use them to improve the quality of our lives.

Here is the place I share with you what I do - to inspire you, to create something for you

with the gifts of nature.

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