What I offer

Healthy Life Style Guidance

Years and years of studying yoga and Ayurveda and through my own spiritual practice, I feel confident enough to guide you and help you to achieve your dreams.  

Healthy diet, yoga/exercise routine, morning & evening rituals and more - are all necessary contributors to feel better in your own body and with the rest of the world.

Private Classes

Through years of teaching public and private classes, I am offering safe & enjoyable yoga guidance to help you on your journey to physical & mental well-being.​

1 on 1

or group classes available

Yoga mat & props provided 

I trust these services should be available to all. Please don't let money stop you from doing something beneficial and healthy for yourself. I know that if you are feeling well, are healthy and happy, the whole world around you will feel that, it will benefit from that... The time & the energy you invest into yourself will be reflected and felt by many.


I charge $70/per tuition

as well as accepting

energy exchange

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